Started with the aid of a small Price’s Trust loan, Automotive Wheels Ltd started as Race and Road Ltd way back in 2003 selling alloy wheels online. After a few successful years trading, the company grew into new areas including wheel import and wholesale, the company changed its name in 2009 officially to Automotive Wheels Ltd and now supplies wheels, tyres and accessories to vehicle manufactures, retailers, fleets¬†and consumers all over the UK and Europe.

Automotive Wheels produce and import the highest quality automotive products from Europe and the world. We specialise in importing from the largest alloy wheel manufacturers in Germany. Automotive Wheels Ltd are UK distributors for the Autec, Borbet, Diewe and Ronal alloy wheel brands as well as Kronprinz steel wheels, we own and produce the SuperMetal alloy wheel range and offer leading accessory brands.

Some of our specialist areas of supply are in designing and producing wheels for original equipment use, for car manufacturers, converters, importers and tuners. Our flexible service offers every stage of wheel supply from design concept to production, tyre fitting and distribution.

Automotive Wheels are the first and currently only UK certified KBA type approval holder which means that we can produce wheels for the German market. With more and more demands for testing and reassurance on safety critical parts from consumers, insurance companies and new EU Regulation, our approval service means that we can TÜV test wheels, produce and approve ECE wheels and KBA approve wheels. These tests are the only recognised mechanism of approving wheels in Europe, and we can provide them all.