3D Rendering, Prototyping and Photography


We can offer varying forms of pre-production presentation of wheel designs including and most commonly 3D rendering and a new prototyping service where we 3d print your wheel and have it finished for aesthetic consideration. We also offer post production (from sample stage) photography and professional image production to suit your needs.


3D Rendering

When we design a wheel for you we will present the designs in the form of a 3d rendered image through the latest rendering technology with varying levels of digital post production. We can also produce renders to your specific requirement.

In addition to the wheel model render we can render a simulation on the vehicle if you supply a vehicle model file or flat image alternatively we can source the vehicle image and provide the simulated render.



We are pioneering the production of prototype wheels (for aesthetic consideration) and can now offer this service as part of a production order to our customers according to their project specification and requirements. Depending on the design and specification of the wheel, we use the latest 3D printing techniques to print the wheel model in stages in ABS plastic up to 1:2.5 scale, we then use chemical bonds to  join the wheel parts before sending the wheel to be finished and painted. Contact us to find out more about this part of the manufacturing and supply service.



Our in-house state of the art photography studio and equipment produce outstanding images and video. Now specialists in this area we use specific techniques to capture the varying options of wheel finishes and can provide these services as part of a production order.


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