Wheel Configurator and Dealer Shop

Dealer Shop is an online portal for wholesale trade customers to check fitment, live UK and EU stock, car data, tyre data and order alloy wheels online.

Once logged in, you can search by wheel specification or by vehicle to find what you need.

Searching by Vehicle:
Unlike other systems, our vehicle search works from TÜV fitment approval certificates, which means that every wheel fitment we show is tested and approved for the application. The vehicle search advises what fits, in what sizes, with what tyre size and load and if its in stock in the UK and Europe! We also supply a view of the wheel on the car and provide a download link to the TÜV fitment certificate. From there you can order online and ship directly to customer if required.

Searching by Wheel Specification:
Unlike Germany, the UK is not required to use approval certificates for fitting aftermarket parts to vehicles, so you may want to work outside of the TÜV approval fitments. This is where the wheel specification search is useful,  it uses a multitude of filters, options and search boxes to find what you need quickly by brand, size, pcd, offset and colour. With every fillter or option that you apply Рthe smaller the list of wheels gets. It also provides full wheel details including part number and live stock information as well as your dealer price. Once a wheel is found, it can then be ordered online with the option to drop ship to your customer.

Dealer Shop archives your orders which you can access at any time as well

as being able to store addresses that maybe frequently used. Dealer Shop is also customer friendly, giving the user the option to hide the dealer price, however if a customer is with you we recommend using Configurator which hides all prices but still shows all of the key information about fitment and stock.

To download and view the Dealer Shop user guide click here.

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