Tyre Fitting and Balancing

We provide complete tyre fitting, inflation and balancing services from 1 wheel to 10,000 wheels in our semi-automated tyre line facility. Using the worlds highest quality, state of the art machinery we fit 10″ to 28″ diameter and up to 17″ width wheels and tyres.

Wheel & Tyre Fitting:
We operate a tyre lever free environment, meaning that we use the best, most modern machinery and methods of seating tyres correctly on rim beads to ensureĀ consistentĀ damage free fitting. Our machines ensure that tyres are perfectly positioned to the optimum position.

Inflation and Bead Seating:
Our automated inflation station inflates to the required pressureĀ sensingĀ the seating of the tyre beads and ensuring consistent,Ā preciseĀ pressures through computer regulated pressureĀ gauge and air sensor technology.

We use the highest level of balancing machinery available today, our computerised system ensures that we use the very least weights possible in the most optimum placement. Our balancing systems can offer behind spoke balancing for aesthetics and we offer use of any type of weight.

Tyre Technicians:
Our highly skilled tyre fitting technicians use the most modern practices within all related areas and partake in regular training updates.