OEMS and Tier 1

Premium Quality Alloy Wheels with TÜV Certification


We operate to an accredited ISO 9001 standard offering flexible solutions to car manufacturers and importers to provide products and solutions according to the requirement. We produce to a certified IATF 16949 standard and we’re a KBA accredited Type Approval holder and can produce wheels to ECE, ABE and TUV certification. We’re the leading technical and regulatory knowledge in the UK for accessory and homologated wheels and tyres, we understand the supply models of car manufacturer and importer businesses.


Flexible Supply

We have a wealth of experience in providing products and solutions for vehicle manufacturers and importers including: DFS, Just in Time, delivery to DC and Port Fit programs. Our service starts at any level, from: brief, concept or existing design. We can find an existing product for your enquiry or design, produce, test and approve a new wheel design. We are able to produce homologated wheels for first fit, to either manufacturer standard, or specified industry standard. Factories in locations around the world all working to an accredited IATF 16949 standard, help to ensure the availability, lead time, cost, duty, freight costs according to the wheel specification and delivery location. We are also able to deliver with tyres, fitted through our supply chain or through free issue.