Industry leading tyre pressure monitoring sensors


We distribute the world’s leading tyre pressure monitoring sensors including brands such as: BH Sens, Schrader, Continental VDO, alpha.Sens and more.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems return the vehicles live tyre pressure to the vehicle. In most cases the user can find these pressures within the cars interface, however at very least the driver will be notified of a change in the pressure range. The sensors themselves are a little more complicated than simply the tyre’s pressure, as pressure is sensitive to different elements, the sensor also measure up to 30 other variables such as temperature and velocity to help the vehicle to avoid false alarms.

Sensors can be many different types and methods to connect with the vehicle, some are required to be programmed to the vehicle whilst others simply plug and play and learn a new sensor. There are two types of sensor for this usage,

  1. Direct or OE sensors – These sensors replicate the manufacturers genuine sensor (whilst they still may need programming to the car)
  2.  Universal sensors РThese are sensors that are filled with technology that can handle most vehicle manufacturers, then using a TPMS tool you essentially set the sensor to become an OE sensor (As above). The benefit of this type is that a reseller would only need to stock one part to cover lots of vehicles, where an OE sensor may need 30 parts to have the same vehicle coverage.

There are also aftermarket kits that work in the same way, however the data is transmitted to it’s own aftermarket screen interface and does not interact with the vehicle main system in any way.

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